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Brooke Caillouette started in the design, marketing and photography industry over nineteen years ago. Working with a design firm and interning in Louisiana and Chicago she was exposed to two very diverse markets very quickly. Once settling in New Orleans she joined Amelie G style magazine doing photo shoots, designing advertising and running sales teams. She then partnered up with a co-worker and created Seven Men's magazine. She was Executive Creative Director before the age of thirty creating content, designing and styling the iconic Seven aesthetic. Seeking more design challenges she started working with Rick at Ace High Printing. Their seamless creative cohesion and dedicated work ethic was undeniably incendiary from the start. Managing and growing Ace High New Orleans for over ten years Brooke has relocated to Boulder, Colorado. She now manages Ace High New Orleans and Ace High Boulder with the day to day operations including branding, re-branding, design, photography, in-store/trade show styling.  The Ace High clientele is both national and international.

Rick Herbert is a former restauranteur who left the culinary world to pursue marketing and design in 2003. By 2004 he opened Ace High Printing, whose clients range from high profile musicians (Five Finger Death Punch, Dick Dale, Madonna, Rihanna, Korn, etc) to the MLB Network, the Salvador Dali Museum and many others. In 2013 Rick partnered with Brooke to create a new version of the already recognized brand. Specializing in creating personal relationships with our clients in New Orleans, and to keep the essence of the city alive through our fresh marketing and design concepts. He now handles all of the printing and production for Ace High New Orleans, having his hands on every single project to ensure it’s perfection.

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