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Brand Guide

Branding is the cornerstone of any successful business and a brand guide provides a detailed creative map to ensure your message is on point with every aspect of your business. Below is an abridged example of a brand guide Ace High designed that was originally 18 pages.


Logo | Branding Basics

With social media and the competitive nature of visual advertising and marketing it is important to have a strong branding full logo design and recognizable simple icon companion.

Mood Board

A mood board allows for a strong visual representation of the themes and styles your brand strives for. It is a simple way to visualize the aesthetic you are creating with your space, branding, product design or brick and mortar build out.

Gypsy Sugar Brand Guide
Gypsy Sugar Brand Book

Branding Specifics

Branding is repetition and set guidelines visually represented to your clientele. Precise Pantone formula colors and specifically chosen fonts are the key to strong branding to convey the message of dependability to the consumer.


Collateral branding is direct messaging to your client. Brand guides take out the guessing work by visually showing you the best way to spend your printing budget while successfully speaking to your demographic.

Gypsy Sugar Brand Guide
Gypsy Sugar Brand Guide

Branding Install Specs

With the right designer creating your brand guide it should make is simple to see the possibilities from original brand and logo creation to every step in the process.

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