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Logo Design

It's a tricky minx. You want it to convey everything your dream represents but it's the girl next door of design. It's simplicity is what makes it more beautiful than the rest. The subtle and well thought out strategy of line work, font and colors make it a desired logo or completely busted. Our passion is helping small start ups compete with the big dogs in the yard. We specialize on creating work on a fixed budget. The old saying is right as normally do get what you pay for. Here are some things to keep in mind while creating such a landmark to your business. From us to you, Lash Larue.

Colors should be smart and well thought out. There are trade secrets to this but different shades make a large difference to the trending color palettes and tones. Best example: most color pantones of the 70's. Take note of color science and color theory, it is an actual art form unto itself. Your favorite color may be blue but for your business that is semi irrelevant. Colors invoke emotion and that matters a great deal when you are branding your business. Notice the use of red in most fast food restaurants and the lack of the color blue. Few foods are blue and it does not make you're belly rumble, however, red is a call to action making you pull over the car for the McRib.

Really take note of genres, time periods, and the real history of what your business specializes in. The biggest problem most new businesses face is they don't find their brand identity. It is the RIDE OR DIE of your business. Without your own thoughtful and well designed logo you quickly can fade into the background. There is a reason large companies have design and advertising budgets. If it didn't work they wouldn't spend the money. Set aside a design and advertising budget.

Lastly make sure you own the rights to your logo. Purchasing the rights to the flag of your business is very important. Ethically it should be included in the price but it never hurts to have a rights exchange just to be safe. I have had friends call me in a pickle because it was all smiles and handshakes during the creative process but when the chips fell the designer pulled the rights card and they panicked.

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