Green Eggs & Spam

My eyes peel open and I have a solid three beats before my phone, which has buried itself under the less loved pillow, starts wailing like it's on a walkey talkey in the jungles of Nam. As if Moses has walked them down a mountain on slate I have ALL of the notifications. Free People released it's Spring line, that guy from middle school wants me to see a video of melting cheese and my mother has found yet another Minion meme. The moment we wake up we are chastised by politics, ads, and scientific discoveries that wine is now good for us. The more turns on this technological evergreen garden the more we long to simplify. Calendars, notes, reminders, take out...all an adaptation to constant stimulation. Why is advertising any different? Now more than ever high quality ad design is crucial. The goal isn't to tell them all of the sales you're having between Winter and Summer solace, The goal is to get clients in the door. Your target demographic has an endless amount of choices including having anything delivered to their doorstep. I cannot say this enough...minimize your advertising design. We are truly starting to be trained to associate very quickly with the overwhelming amount of hidden advertising in social media and online. I call it all "spam". When I am designing and I feel like it's starting to be over designed I take away the "spam". It does not add to the overall message but takes away valuable space that is beautiful with the absence of information. One of the biggest mistakes new clients who come to me make is the art of editing. Design is not only what it physically communicates but what it broadcast to your brand without being overt. Intrigue is a potent form of communication.

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